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Do You Know The Causes of Infertility in Men and Its Treatment?


What are the signs of infertility in males?

Male infertility is a very significant problem, which affects all people in the household. infertility means that the man has no skill/power to impregnate his spouse. This is very serious issue and the family might be ruined because of this scenario.

What is the most typical reason for male infertility?

Varicocele. A Varicocele is a inflammation from the veins that drain the testicle. It’s the most common reversible cause of male infertility. Although the precise reason that Varicoceles cause infertility is unknown, it may be associated with abnormal testicular heat regulation

causes of male infertility

What exactly are 4 causes of male infertility?

These might consist of: Irregular semen production or functionality because of undescended testicles, genetic defects, health issues such as diabetes, or bacterial infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, mumps or HIV. Enlarged veins in the testes (Varicocele) can also affect the caliber of semen

Can male infertility be treated?

That’s why doctors have develop male infertility treatment. Generally, you will find 3 aspects of this treatment:

1. Assisted reproduction

2. Surgery

3. Drug therapy

This treatments are the solution for your issue. It is designed to help every individual, that is in need.

Assisted Reproduction- New Hope

Assisted reproduction is said to be the very best male infertility treatment. It betters the erection dysfunction, which is the main reason for infertility; assisted reproduction triggers climax and allows male reproductive doctor to inseminate the egg. Electroejaculation is a method used to get semen, when erectile dysfunction prevents the individuals from ejaculation. Electrodes are put within the anal area and trough electric current, neural system are stimulated. That’s how semen exits your penis. After that semen is collected for long term use. Semen Retrieval is another procedure utilized to get semen.


Unlike, electroejaculation, in which semen exits trough the penis, within this instances, sperm is obtained straight from the testes and epidiyimis. Surgeon will make a small incision and trough desire sperm cells are obtained. In male fertility test, sperm cleaning is yet another extremely important thing about this treatment. In this case, the very best and most brilliant semen cellular material are chosen to inseminate the mature egg . The procedure removes all substances in the sperm, that could decelerate or/and lower the sperm cells’ impregnation abilities. Intracytoplasmic semen shot provides exceptional outcomes. In this case, sperm cell is administered directly in the mature egg cell. Before this procedure, Semen cleaning procedure needs to be performed.

infertility in males

Drugs and Surgical Therapy

Medicines perform essential component in the male infertility treatment. The drugs utilized here are numerous, depending on the issue, which causes infertility.

If the problem for infertility is the increased production of antibodies, which destroy the sperm, immunosuppressive therapy could help. If the sperm production is disrupted, drugs are used to treat this problem. Hormones, like Androgenic hormone or testosterone, could be used to deal with issues, which are related to the insufficiency of bodily hormones within the male entire body. Surgical treatment could help in 2 instances:

1. Obstruction in the reproductive tarct

2. Varicocele

Vasoepididymostomy- is a process, in which blockage is taken away as well as the link between testes and vas deferens is renewed. The process for taking out the Varicocele is known by the title Varicocelectomy.


At the end, Dr. Advises have described the causes of male infertility and also told the infertility treatments.  If you are facing this problem then Dr. Advises should suggest you that find the best male infertility specialist near you he will tell you the ways to increase male fertility.

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