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Female Hair Loss Treatment – A New Woman A New You

Female Hair Fall Treatment

Losing your locks as a young girl will badly affect your confidence as the hair is thought of as one of an integral part of a girl’s beauty.

Medical Science has termed the Loss as Alopecia and several reasons are causing this stressful situation like modification in hormones, genetics, medication, Stress, Nutrition, Environment, Ageing to name a few.

The good thing is that there are a lot of ways to fix the problem which include natural ways/home remedies or various other treatments /market products, especially to cater to the needs of Female hair loss treatment are designed.

Talking regarding mane loss lets first ensure what section you comprise. Attempt to self-examine if the lock fall is mild or it needs a specialist recommendation. If the lock fall isn’t a mild attempt to see a specialist as self-diagnosis may not be continually correct.

Once it’s confirmed that you simply comprise a section where treatment is needed, don’t panic as there’s treatment out there. However, before moving to the treatment the reason for the stand loss has to be found.

If it’s confirmed by the specialist that you simply don’t have serious health issues, and the lock fall is mild, try and develop a treatment plan.

Natural Female Hair Loss Treatments

With natural remedies, we might not be ready to change the mane fall issue if it’s in the genes but there are some things which may be done to safeguard the tresses.

Change in Diet: No Worries!! If you are a vegetarian or not – Vegetarian, there are tons of foods that can assist you to get the locks you dream about and it’s delicious. Folks who are vegetarian can include Sunflower Seeds, Sweet Potatoes, Yellow Bell Pepper, Avocados, Almonds to name a few in their diet as these foods are packed with minerals and vitamins required for hair strand regrowth. Folks who eat non-vegetarian can include Eggs, Oysters, and Salmon in their diet to fulfill the body needs of deficient minerals, proteins, and vitamins.

Head Masks / Scalp Massage: Besides the change in diet, specialists recommend twice a week various head masks or scalp massage with different ingredients available at home itself like coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Beetroot Juice, Egg White, Spinach and Lettuce Juice.

Medical Female Hair Fall Solution

Sometimes following a holistic approach including diet change and other alternative therapies, medical treatment is required to visualize significant regrowth of your locks.

Over the Counter Products: There are many treatments available in the form of liquid, tablets, and mousses in the market to lengthen and regrow your tresses which uses topical named minoxidil. Applying minoxidil twice daily can lead to regrowth of hair by approximately 40% no matter what the reason is for mane loss and it is the only FDA approved treatment.

Prescribed Treatments: If minoxidil doesn’t work for you, the specialist can recommend various prescribed medications, to slow down the strand loss and even stimulate the tress regrowth.

Hair Transplants

Hair Transplants are the last and the surgical treatment to cure hair thinning and even very common these days. However, it is one of the most expensive treatments available as it easily costs around 2000$ or above considering the sessions required to get the required amount of hair.

Tips for Lock Care

A little head care can save you from going through the painful distress of mane fall or hair thinning so don’t underestimate the importance of right styling routine for your locks.

Throw the Towel: Instead of a body towel use an old t-shirt to wrap your head as towels tend to absorb moisture but can be very effective for soft strands. Where in a t-shirt will soak all the excess moisture without leaving the locks dehydrated?

Go Braiding: Braiding surprisingly is an easy and fashionable way to save your tresses from breaking and tangling as there is less pressure due to interweaving on individual strands. It is an unexpected way to protect your mane while sleeping.

Dried Hair: Wet ones are more vulnerable to break if it’s wet and tangled. Let your head dry naturally and detangle it with a wide-tooth comb or use a blow dryer to finger dry and then use a brush to shape your mope after removal of excess moisture.

Brushing: The easiest way your mope is damaged is through brushing as the delicate strands are forced to take the friction of the brush and it damages hair from root to end. Be careful while choosing the type of brush for daily brushing. Try and choose a paddle brush which is cushioned and has flexible tooth as that will detangle your mane with ease.

Meditating: General health is directly related to the condition of your mope as some of the reasons for lock fall are stress, hormonal changes, genetic, etc. Meditation helps improving blood circulation in the scalp and reducing stress also which will restrict mope loss. Various yoga poses can be used to prevent hair loss.


Dr. Advises have described here to Conclude Hair regrowth is possible and easy once the cause of the fall is known and we have learned about the possible female hair loss treatments. For all your tress loss issues talk to the experts at Hair Choice. With their help, get back your long and lustrous locks and regains your self-confidence and crowning glory. Find a new you!!!

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