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Helpful Method to Increase Height After 18-Years-Old


5 Daily Tips for Adult Heightening

  1. Full-body stretch items: swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, aerobics, artistic gymnastics, and various freestyle exercises.
  2. Touch height movement. In the case of running up or taking off in situ, contact as high as possible objects. According to your situation, practice a certain number of times every day. It is best to choose an open, safe, soft and hard place. Furthermore, sit-ups. During the exercise of sit-ups, muscles are often reasonably stretched to promote bone growth, increase bone clearance, and promote height.
  3. Rope skipping is of great help to the growth and development of teenagers. First of all, skipping rope is an aerobic exercise that can enhance physical fitness, and good physical fitness is the prerequisite for growth. Besides, during constant jumping, it will excite the speedy improvement of bones and raise growth. Third, while jumping up and below, the body’s increase hormone will also sweat more, which considerably increases height growth and improvement.
  4. When the human body is exercising, the blood circulation is accelerated, the muscles and epiphysis can obtain sufficient nutrition, and the bone growth rate is accelerated, which can promote the growth and development of the human body. Lower limb sports mainly include rope skipping, high jump, pole vault, long jump, vertical jump, single-foot jump, biped jump, stairs climbing, mountain climbing, hiking, walking, skating, roller skating, skiing, etc. Through appropriate exercise, it can stimulate the rapid growth of lower limb bones and help the body reach the desired height. If you want to have the ideal height, you also need to make positive adjustments in nutrition, sleep, and other aspects. Only from multiple aspects of care can the increasing effect be more significant.
  5. Aerobics and swimming will have a good influence on height. In the method of increasing exercise, weightlifting, barbell, and other sports are best not to try. The heightening specialists found throughout research that the heightening activities suitable for teenagers include aerobic exercise, bouncing exercise and stretching exercise. Swimming, jogging, brisk walking, skating, cycling, and ball sports are aerobic exercises. Competing in regular repetitive exercises by the large muscle groups can stimulate blood circulation and increase metabolism and growth hormone excretion. Aerobic exercise can be completed 3-5 times a week, each time 30-60 minutes, up to 2 hours. The bouncing exercise includes skipping rope, jumping rubber band, leapfrog, vertical jump and so on.

Ways to Increase Adulthood

Increasing mineral body height depends on the growth and development of bones, of which the growth of long bones in the lower limbs is most closely related to height. That is to say, only when the epiphyseal chondrocytes in the long bone continue to grow, the human body will grow taller. Calcium and phosphorus are the main components of the bones. Therefore, from May to October, more milk, shrimp skin, soy products, ribs, bone soup, kelp, seaweed and other foods rich in calcium and phosphorus. Also, it is necessary to go out in the sun and increase the chance of ultraviolet radiation to facilitate the synthesis of vitamin D in the body and promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus by the gastrointestinal tract to ensure the healthy growth of bones.

To ensure adequate sleep, sleep is also the “nutrients” that make the human body grow taller. As the saying goes: people grow up in sleep. Because sleep can not only eliminate fatigue, but after the human body falls asleep, the secretion of growth hormone is stronger than usual, and the duration is longer, which is conducive to growth. Therefore, develop regular habits and ensure adequate sleep.

Supplementing protein, protein is the foundation of life. The generation of bone cells and the growth of muscles and organs are connected from protein. The faster the human body grows, the more protein needs to be added. Fish, shrimp, lean meat, poultry eggs, peanuts, and soy products are all rich in high-quality protein, and you should pay more attention to supplement.

Do n’t stay at home often because of exercise. If you still stay at home, it ’s not good. Change it quickly. Not only has an impact on the body but also not good for one’s own body. Just exercise half an hour every day, and you do n’t need to spend too much. As long as you can continue, there will be effects.

When appropriate, you can add some drugs to increase the height, so that the increase is also possible, such as Gao Feite and so on.

Vertical Growth Plan Exercise Method

Warm-up exercise: move the joints of the limbs, keep the spine straight, tilt the upper body forward, and swing your arms straight back and upward.

Walking: Swing your arms sharply and move forward vigorously.

Run: Run in small steps while placing your fists on your shoulders and rotate your arms in front of your elbows; run and jump 25-50 meters quickly, repeat 4-6 times, and rest a little after each time.

Stretching: Raise your arms, then stretch in all directions, and raise your heels at the same time, repeat 6-8 times, with a little rest in the middle.

Horizontal bar practice: dangling (20 seconds, 1 minute), while turning the body to the right and left, feet together; swinging the body forward and backward; swinging clockwise or counterclockwise.

Jump-up pull-ups: Squat, keep the back accurate, jump up, grab the flat bar, and use the inactivity of the jump to pull-ups (the height of the straight bar and the grip of the hands vary from person to person). Repeat at least 6-8 times each time.

Jump: Jump up, gradually increase, or reach a predetermined height; jump down from a slightly higher place; jump from squats. Do 30-60 jumps in different postures and push your feet hard on the ground. You can choose to practice, but in the beginning, you must do it according to the prescribed amount and gradually increase the amount of exercise.

After each exercise, you should take a short break to make your breathing smooth and your limbs relaxed. After the entire set of exercises, lie flat on the floor, tighten the muscles of the back and buttocks, and slightly raise the waist.

Exercise to Stretch Legs

Exercise calf muscles, quadriceps and thigh muscles

a. Stand with your legs together, put your hands in front of your thighs, bend your elbows slightly, keep your heels close, and separate your toes at a 45-degree angle. The knee is slightly bent, the total body is decreased as far as potential, and at the same time, the heel should not be raised, and the knee and the digit are kept on the same plumb line.

b. Straighten your legs hard, and slowly lift them. When you straighten up, you must reach the highest position as much as possible. After a while, the whole body is slowly lowered to the initial state before starting.

Scissor Beat: Exercise Thigh Muscles

a. The person is lying on the floor, back down, legs straight above the hips, arms on the sides of the body, legs bent, toes outward, legs symmetrically separated on both sides until you can no longer divide, Be careful not to bend your back.

b. Take a deep breath, legs close together and squeeze hard, pay attention to the legs crossed, left leg on the right leg, the right to just close to the heel of the left leg. For the second repetition, place the right leg on the left leg, with the toe of the left leg close to the heel of the right leg.

Small loops: practice your calf flesh, thigh muscles, and conversion muscles

a. Lie on the floor with your left side down. The buttocks are even on the side, the legs are typically increased, and the left hand is used to carry the head. The elbow of the right hand is bent inwards, the palm is placed on the floor, the toes are close together, and the right leg and the left leg are raised a few centimeters apart.

b. Slowly rotate 10 small circles in the clockwise direction of the right toe, and then turn 10 small circles in the counterclockwise direction. Do this twice, and then reform on the right side of the body.

Thigh muscle lift exercise: exercise your inward muscles

a. Lying on the floor on the side, the left side of the body is down, the left leg is stretched, the right knee is bent, the right foot is placed on the floor around the left thigh, the right leg is in front of the left thigh, the head is supported with the left hand, and the right hand is held tightly Right leg.

b. Bend your left foot inwards, and at the same time raise your left leg as far as possible until you ca n’t lift it, then put it down and repeat 10 times. Next, raise your left leg and turn it 5 times clockwise, then 5 times counterclockwise. Repeat on the right side of the body.

Bike exercise: exercise your hamstrings and quads

a. Lie on the floor with your left side down, your legs straight, your hips flat, and relax your hands as shown. Keep your toes together and lean your right leg toward your chest. b. Bend your knees.

c. Keep your hips balanced and move your right leg straight to the back of your body. Keep this sequence of movements (from a to b, like a bicycle) and do it 5 times. Then, the right leg starts from behind and moves forward 5 times as described above. Finally, change the right side of the body down and do it again.

Rear leg lift exercise: exercise thigh and calf muscles

a. Lie face down on the floor with your legs straight and your toes together. Bend your elbows, put your hands in front of your head, and put your forehead on your hands. Raise your legs at the same time, to the highest place you can lift, and the heels apart.

b. Squeeze the thighs inwards and keep the thighs close together. The heels of both feet quickly hit each other, tapping 5 times when inhaling, 5 times when exhaling, and then restoring before starting. Repeat this 3 times.

Ballet exercise: exercise your calf muscles and quadriceps

a. The left leg stands, the right knee bends, and the right foot leans back on the calf. The elbows are bent and the tips of both fingers are placed in front of the hips.

b. Raise the right leg straight as far as possible, and at the same time raise the right arm forward and the left arm backward (as shown in the picture), and pause for a while. Then straighten the left leg to restore and start again. Repeat the left and right legs 8-12 times.

End Exercise: Exercise Your Quads

a. Stand on your left leg, relax your left knee, and place your right heel in front of your left toe, with your right toe facing outwards and close together, with your toes touching the ground as shown on the left. The left arm is raised above the head and perpendicular to the arm, and the right arm is slowly stretched to the side.

b. Toes close together, lift right leg forward, raise as high as possible, pause for a while, then restore and start again. Repeat the left and right legs 8-12 times.

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