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Tips and Signs of A Healthy Relationship


Psychologists point out that a healthy relationship is one that can bring positive growth to people. It has the characteristics of reciprocity, sincerity, respect for boundaries, independence, moderate dependence, and common progress.

1. Reciprocity means that both parties will actively give back to each other, taking into account the interests of both parties.

When the other party helps you and brings you benefits, you will actively give back to the other party; when you encounter difficulties, you will think “what to do is good for both of us.” You will try to bring the relationship to a “win-win” situation, rather than trying to benefit yourself by hurting the other party.

2. Sincerity means that both parties face each other in good faith and frankly.

You will be willing to expose yourself to each other, be willing to honestly share your feelings, ideas or values ​​with each other, and in the process of exposing each other, you will not listen or talk with malicious intentions that hurt each other (such as mocking each other maliciously). In a sincere and healthy relationship, both will feel safe to expose themselves.

How can differentiate between healthy and unhealthy relationships?

It should be noted that a healthy relationship does not necessarily need to exhibit these characteristics every moment.

2. Healthy relationships should not be like this!

1. A healthy relationship is not an “isolated relationship”

The first unhealthy relationship is an “isolated relationship.”

An isolated relationship refers to a relationship that “can’t establish an emotional connection with others.” To establish an emotional connection, people must not only give emotions, but also receive emotions from each other. This requires the joint efforts of both parties. As long as one of the two people is unwilling, the emotional connection cannot be formed. In a long-term isolated relationship, you will feel very lonely. In an isolated relationship, no matter which party is unwilling, you cannot establish a deep connection with others.

In a healthy relationship, the two sides seem to establish a positive emotional cycle.

I am emotional, and I can receive positive feedback from the other party, so I will be more willing and able to continue to give. The positive cycle of emotions will make the two parties in the relationship trust each other more, understand that the other party will treat themselves in good faith, and then establish more emotional connections.

2. A healthy relationship is not “weakening your relationship”

The second unhealthy relationship is “weakening your relationship”.

Weakening your relationships refers to those relationships that degrade you and make you less confident. In weakening your relationship, the other party may always blame you and strike you, and when you are with the other party, you will feel that you are “not good enough” or always “inferior.” In a weakened relationship for a long time, you will change from an aggressive posture to a defensive posture. You will not dare to actively contact others or take risks to try new things, because you may be laughed at by others after making mistakes.

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Important Healthy Relationship Tips For Couples

And a healthy relationships for teens should make you more confident and more secure in the world. In a healthy marriage, both parties will respond positively to each other: encourage each other when the other needs support; give feedback and suggestions instead of ridicule and scolding when the other makes mistakes; give understanding when the other is in pain but not negative. Simply put, in healthy relationships, the two chose the former as much as possible when facing the options of “treating each other in good faith” and “treating each other maliciously”.

3. A healthy relationship is not a “false good relationship”

The third relationship is “false good relationship”.

A false good relationship is one that keeps you seeking pleasure. In the relationship, you will continue to get the praise and praise of others, and you will feel good, but you will not get any help from the other party. Being in a false and good relationship for a long time, you will have a wrong self-recognition, and you will only like to listen to positive reviews, avoid or ignore suggestions and criticism from others.

In a healthy relationship, the other party will also make a real evaluation of you.

They will encourage you, but will not spoil you. When you really have a problem, the other party will give you suggestions and criticism. They will help you to know yourself more objectively, not just completely ignore your problems.

Top 3 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

We recommend looking for signs of a healthy relationship tips. It’s much better to look at relationships in terms of what’s good and what works better than looking for obstacles or failures. This is an essential part of good personal psychology, which is always looking at the bright side of life. When you count the blessings, you activate that part of your mind called the grill activation system, so that you discover more and better things in your life.

Another big sign of a healthy relationship is that each couple has embraced the fact that love and romance don’t happen on their own.

Another of the main signs of a healthy relationship is that each member of the couple is a unique, powerful and independent person. A metaphor that helps build a healthy relationship is that the two people involved are like two upright pillars.

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